F.lli Resta

Stainless steel processing and tech assistance

Dairy plan

Plants for oil mills and viticulture

Furniture and Design

Metal carpentry

Slaughterhouses installations

Facilities for catering

Pasta Factory Plants

Everything you need in one place

We are able to provide (advise, plan, implement, test, maintain, renew, adapt), “turnkey” or not, parts or entire steam generation and distribution plants and whole auxiliaries





who we are

The “f.lli resta srl” was created by the will of Mr. Giuseppe Resta, in the immediate post-war period, as a tinsmith’s workshop, dedicated to working tin-plated and galvanized sheet metal, especially to satisfy the demand coming from the nascent white gold chain above all to satisfy the demand coming from the nascent white gold supply chain that sees in our interland numerous dairies settlements that, among other things, still produce the renowned Gioia mozzarella.

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