Fratelli Resta

From over 30 years

who we are

The Resta family started its business 50 years ago at the behest of Giuseppe Resta, town’s famous tinsmith and shopkeeper, experienced in tinned and galvanized plate processing.

. Over the years, the small shop opened by our grandfather has developed through generations, thus turning into what has become our company today

After several years of experience, F.lli Resta begins to take its first steps also in other sectors other than dairy such as catering, slaughtering and furnishing, arriving today to represent a solid reference point in the Apulian territory, having also been the first in the area, in the processing of stainless steel, production of equipment for slaughterhouses and restaurants. These have been intense years, characterized by relentless progress and constant innovation.

The business effort of the Brothers Resta has remained unchanged since then: seriousness, professional ethics and the best possible customer service.

Our structure

The company F.lli Resta extends over 450 square meters (indoor) and 1500 square meters (outdoor). It also has a business car park and service (10 vehicles).
The technical department can count on 15 internal professionals: 3 welders, a group of installers and, if necessary, also external professionals.

Thanks to the internalized production, the team is able to meet and satisfy the many increasingly stringent and articulated market demands.

Customer satisfaction and business ethics are equally valued by the company F.lli Resta. In compliance with the European EN standards and the laws in force on the market, we have equipped ourselves with an internal Technical Office capable of handling large amounts of work. All our systems are supported by the relevant documentation: declarations of conformity, manuals of use, projects and calculations, lay-out, declaration of food conformity.